SONA 2009: A Nation At Stake

July 27, 2009 marks the day of this year’s State of the Nation Address and the opening of the 14th Congress. The eighth for GMA, and for the sake of the nation and of the Filipino people, we demand that this be her last.

For the last eight years, we have been hearing the same things — promises of jobs and opportunities, statistics of so-called economic progress, and continuing efforts for the country. Despite these proclamations, millions of Filipinos continue to flock abroad for lack of jobs and better opportunities here in the country, farmers continue to fight for their land, crimes against human rights have steadily risen and continue to go unpunished, basic social services like education, health services and food security take a backseat, and corruption continue to plague our government offices. We are all aware of the pressing issues and concerns of this country, that is why we were and continue to be outraged when at last year’s SONA, on top of the usual empty promises and reports of supposed progress, GMA emphasized the call for charter change, a call that was heeded by her cohorts in Congress all looking out for their own best interests, and not of the people. The insistence for charter change is an act of insensitivity to the plight of the Filipino people, by a leadership whose mandate continues to be questioned and challenged. Thus we find it ironic that the House of Representatives, who have been elected by the people to represent them in the national, have all but disregarded the voice of the electorate by consistently putting their own interests before that of the people.

2009 is a crucial year for the Philippines — a year before the 2010 National Elections, an election which continues to be in peril because of the call for charter change, a move for a number of  politicians wishing to stay in power under the guise of economic and political reforms.

The recent SWS survey on hunger that one in five Filipinos have experienced hunger in the last three months reflects the real state of the nation. Shame on the con-assholes for thinking about their own selfish interest while a child remains hungry in the streets. Shame on the president whose hunger for power continues to deprive the majority of the populace decent jobs and homes.

Again today, we will hear the president stand on the podium before the whole nation, as she speaks out her own version of this nation’s state. We, the Filipino people will continue to be vigilant, to let our voices be heard and be unwavering in our conviction to protect this country from the self-interests of few.. We, the people, know the truth about our country, and we will continue to let our truth be heard and known. This is our nation at stake, and we the people, are the true state of the nation.

-DAKILA – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism


About Dakila

DAKILA (nobility) - Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism is a group of artists, students and individuals committed to advocating social consciousness formation through the arts.

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