Kaya Mong Maging Dakila

A 46 Artist Collaborative Anthem

Last February 27, 2008, DAKILA launched Noel Cabangon’s song, “Kaya Mong Maging DAKILA”. The song is a collaboration of 46 artists who willingly shared their talents for this advocacy. The song promotes the very values that our heroes taught us and calls for the need to be heroes of our time. DAKILA believes that the song is the artistic community’s own contribution to the uplift of dignity of our people especially at these trying times.

Produced by DAKILA – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism and Mr. Noel Cabangon, the song is an initial offering to the Filipino people. A collaborative album is due for release this year. Some of the musicians that pledged to be part of the album are Sugarfree, Peryodiko, Radioactive Sago Project, Joey Ayala, Bayang Barrios and Parokya ni Edgar. The music video was directed by Tado.

The collaborative theme song was participated by artists such as Kat Agarrado (SinosiKat?) . Kalila Aguilos . Gabby Alipe (Urbandub) . Bing Austria (Juan Pablo Dream) . Joey Ayala . Bayang Barrios . Lougee Basabas (Mojofly) . Norman Bernardo (Jeepney Joyride) . Jimmy Bondoc . Lou Bonevie . Gabriel Cabangon . Noel Cabangon . Eric Cabrera (Datu’s Tribe), Bimbo Cerudo . Cooky Chua (Color it Red) . Ermie Concepcion . Isko Cordero (FMD) . Jorel Corpus (Kjwan) . Ebe Dancel (Sugarfree) . Vin Dancel (Peryodiko) . Lourd de Veyra (Radioactive Sago Project) .  Bituin Escalante . Jaime Fabregas . Susan Fernandez . Jeazell Grutas (Zelle) . Eric Illanga . Tado Jimenez (Live Tilapia) . Leidulataja Jimenez . Julianne . Pochoy Labog (Dictalicense)  . Ronnie Lazaro . Buhawi Meneses (Parokya ni Edgar) .  Gabe Mercado . Papadom . Gillette Sandico . Skarlet . Noel Trinidad . Tuesday Vargas (Top Junk),Edwin Vergara (Guitars), Simon Tan (Bass Guitar), Rey Vinoya (Drums), Nikko Rivera (Keyboards), Budeths Casinto (Percussions), Kakoy Legaspi (Mandolin), Wowie Anzano and Pards Tupas of Radioactive Sago Project (Horns).

The idea of heroism sounds a little daft in a culture of game shows and celebrity video-phone scandals. Irony has become such an accidental virtue that it has swung back to hit us in the head. Calling someone a “hero” is to invite sarcasm and self-righteousness. So here we are now, living in a time tragically bereft of them. 

Heroes are products of circumstance. There are those who have become so through sheer will, but there are people who become heroes after being pushed to a dead end. 

A wise man once said our past shapes our response to the present. This nation was formed on the sacrifices made by martyrs both immortalized and anonymous. A country need not be a colony of a foreign power— it can also be the fiefdom of its own leaders. We are a heroic people, but we can also be shackled by our own pessimism and apathy.  

A hero resides in every one of us. It begins in the mind, with one thought that says it can be done. To do all things with pride and dignity, to learn from the lessons of history, to realize that the deeds of our heroes are not hackneyed fables but real, breathing examples of how to live our lives.

 This is a song about nobility. Listen



About Dakila

DAKILA (nobility) - Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism is a group of artists, students and individuals committed to advocating social consciousness formation through the arts.

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