ALAB: Arts and Advocacy Laboratorium

ALAB [blaze] is the Filipino term for a brilliant burst of fire. Thus, mag-alab is to burn with a bright flame. ALAB- Arts and Advocacy Laboratorium is born out of the burning desire of a group of artists to inspire social consciousness and involvement among its ranks.

Recognizing the important role of artists in social transformation and development, ALAB is a platform where artists engage in a free exchange of ideas to enrich their knowledge of art, culture and development in this ever-changing world.

In the history of the Philippine’s struggle for freedom, democracy, social progress and social justice, art has played an important role in inspiring public involvement. Artists took up the role of agents of truth, justice and equality. Literature, paintings, films and songs have stirred feelings of nationalism, moved people to join struggles and inspired heroism.

Such has been the power of art as a tool to reflect, to express and to empower. This power has been deeply entrenched in the Filipino psyche that every critical event in Philippine History has been defined by a particular song, film, painting or literature. This same power of art has influenced the Filipino public to unite and take part in writing their history as a nation.

With this great power, the responsibility falls on the hands of the artists. Every artist has the power to convey a message. With this responsibility hinged upon the artist’s role in society, the artist must first and foremost, educate himself; make him self aware of crucial issues and concerns affecting society. Only with an awareness and understanding of the dynamics of this society can the artist inspire and move its public towards contributing for the common good.

ALAB is a discussion series on arts and advocacies that promotes social consciousness formation among artists. By creating venues for dynamic exchange of ideas and platform for socio-political and cultural discussions, ALAB aims to instill the core values of responsible citizenship to effect public involvement in advocacies that help in nation building.

DAKILA recognizes that art does not exist in a vacuum. After his own self, the artist has a responsibility towards the reality that surrounds him.. ALAB acts as laboratorium of sorts that attempts to open minds of artists on social realities surrounding them and capture the intensity of the creative minds towards contributing to social change and the common good.

ALAB acts as a platform of dialogue among artists and between artists and intellectuals. This exchange of critical reflection on one’s own society, culture and art generates an understanding of the reality that surrounds them.

ALAB recognizes that social influences shape the development of one’s art, music and literature. Artistic consciousness is not isolated from the general consciousness of the society. The role of intellectuals in this platform is to dialogue with artists on relevant social issues. The immense value of this sharing may not be immediately seen but will truly enrich the experiences and knowledge of the artists, thus effectively informing their means of creative expressions.

About Dakila

DAKILA (nobility) - Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism is a group of artists, students and individuals committed to advocating social consciousness formation through the arts.

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