Climate change is putting life on earth in peril. There is still time to build a greener, safer world. But the clock is ticking. In December, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen to decide our destiny. We call on our leaders to go to Copehagen and sign a global climate deal that is:

  • Ambitious: enough to leave a planet safe for us all.
  • Fair: for the poorest countries that did not cause climate change but are suffering the most from it.
  • Binding: with real targets that can legally monitored.



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  1. Privacy Requested
  2. Denise Sia
  3. Kathleen Angeli Torre
  4. Trish Corpuz
  5. Anna Arsenal
  6. Jerico Gozar
  7. Lienne Chai
  8. Privacy Requested
  9. Bobby Espinosa Lagsa says: ‘change starts from within…’
  10. Charlyn Talplacido says: ‘Munting basura, ibulsa muna! :)’
  11. Kathy Atienza says: ‘I hope everyone realizes how serious this is.’
  13. Lush Enverga
  14. Gab Servillon says: ‘take charge.. the devastation caused by the tropical storm ondoy.. must be enough for us to feel the presence of the powerful effects of climate change..’
  15. Tish Mahtani
  16. Bonnie Gonzales says: ‘i am ready! ^^’
  17. Privacy Requested
  18. Aeroljan A. Adriano
  19. Iris Camille Mejia
  20. Regy
  21. Privacy Requested says: ‘we must do our own little act to help save the planet.’
  22. Benjie Burncool Cruz says: ‘pulitiko basura ng bagong henerasyon.. ibasura!’
  23. Privacy Requested
  24. Chax says: ‘Mother nature is getting hot, that is definitely not cool.’
  25. Privacy Requested says: ‘Time to lessen our carbon emissions, Pilipinas.’
  26. Christine Onate
  27. Checy Reyes
  28. Privacy Requested
  29. Christine Onate
  30. Saab Magalona
  31. Privacy Requested says: ‘being clean with yourself and surroundings can make our world a real world’
  32. Paolo Arciga
  33. Abu Atienza II says: ‘Tik tok tik tok…’
  34. Antonette Borja says: ‘ready to change the world. :)’
  35. Jeff Ty
  36. Shai
  37. Ruzette Bantigue
  38. Privacy Requested
  39. Vermonyo says: ‘which planet do we live?’
  40. Miguel Piñon
  41. Salvacion
  42. Ma. Beth C. Baquiran
  43. Epinay Caliguiran
  44. Mabeth Baquiran
  45. Beth Baquiran
  46. Andrei Venal says: ‘Napanood niyo yung 2012? Yeah, Soon, hindi na siya computer graphics…’
  47. Lira Canals says: ‘walk for the environment.. :)’
  48. Sherwin Agacite says: ‘its time for us to do our part in rebuilding a greener environment, yakang yaka natin to basta sama sama.^_^’
  49. Choc Sta. Maria
  50. Lynda Monteverde
  51. Privacy Requested
  52. Privacy Requested
  53. Dustin Carbonera says: ‘Hindi lang sorry ang kelangan ng ating Ina, aksyon!’
  54. Angelik Velayo
  55. Katherine P. Nunez
  56. Hazel Guison
  57. G3 San Diego says: ‘reduce, reuse, recycle and respect mother nature. don’t litter.’
  58. Samuel Vega Cardel says: ‘long leave green world!’
  59. Justin Spicer
  60. Joey Legaspi says: ‘keep your C02 emissions at a low, huwag hataw sa pagmamaneho’
  61. Jenny Albino says: ‘we ought to care for and preserve mother nature. we only have one planet. it cannot be cloned.’
  62. ALcks Borja
  63. Chevy Densing says: ‘the power is ours’
  64. Ria Grace A. Rayco
  65. Privacy Requested says: ‘Call me if my service is needed…’
  66. Paulo Avila says: ‘yea, I want trees in every backyard!’
  67. Levi Espano says: ‘lets take action’
  68. Whixion + Art says: ‘Time to reduce private and public vehicles.
    Ban the use of plastic bags nationwide.’
  69. Privacy Requested
  70. Bing Santiago
  71. Privacy Requested says: ‘We should’ve done this lone time ago. But it’s never too late.’
  72. Mac Medrano says: ‘save the mother earth’
  73. Anj Nava says: ‘Let’s work together to achieve the clean and safe environment that we had before. One Ondoy is enough!’
  74. Jeric Francisco says: ‘lets rebuilt for a better future…’
  75. Glecy Riomalos says: ‘I dream of a clean Pasig River, that would transform our dirty cities into a World class beauty, through Pasig River.’
  76. Liza Avelino says: ‘lets get it on!’
  77. Shiela Angeles says: ‘think Green! ACT green!’
  78. Jacqueline Lim
  79. Abu Atienza says: ‘Ako’y Handa na!! Ikaw??’
  80. John Elizer D. Perocho says: ‘Tao po!!!! may tao ba dyan!!!!! wag magpatay malisya…. it is time to act….’
  81. Gene Corbito says: ‘Let’s not wait for another Ondoy or Pepeng to terrorize our lives. Next time we won’t be able to evacuate. Next time we won’t be able to survive. Let’s not wait for a next time to fight against climate change.’
  82. Paul Oriola
  83. Rosebud Benitez says: ‘UNPLUG! Gadgets consume more energy when SEEMINGLY switched off. So uso na din naman ang UNPLUGGED music, why not unplug all our appliances as well?! :)’
  84. Privacy Requested says: ‘There is only one Planet Earth and We are all responsible to keep it safe and sound… Let us not be irresponsible earthlings taking care of it is not just an obligation but a commitment…. If we love ourself it should be ten times we love our earth because we are rooted from it and its our… EARTH IS LIFE without it… We’re NOTHING….’
  85. Privacy Requested says: ‘ba naman!!! gisssssiiiing!!!! lapit na 2012! tsk..’
  86. Shiela Virtusio
  87. Aristeo Miguel Austria says: ‘Live the GREEN way! :)’
  88. Isda says: ‘wag na kasi magbingi-bingihan…’
  89. Privacy Requested says: ‘Tangina, ayusin na kasi.’
  90. Janis Ian Gopez
  91. Yasmin Cabansag
  92. Gideon Omero says: ‘its a battle we have to face & fight for the planet and humanity. we can try to u-turn the trend. we may lose trying but that would be better than not doing anything at all.’
  93. Mar says: ‘make it legally binding for countries to implement climate change act!’
  94. Jeric Rustia
  95. Privacy Requested
  96. Katrina Mae Lee
  97. Clarence M. Torino says: ‘: time is running! simulan na!’
  98. Red Garcia says: ‘yes!!
    its time for change’
  99. Romil Matignas says: ‘plant more trees!’
  100. Dalisay D. Runas
  101. Kaye Bautista says: ‘change!!!!’
  102. Anji Delima says: ‘open your eyes peolple! let’s startr now!’
  103. Jan Thadeus Mercado says: ‘Let’s act! Less Talk..’
  104. Phoenix Notte
  105. Daniel Gabrieles says: ‘let’s act now!! start with little things! act for a greener future!!’
  106. Privacy Requested
  107. Keesha Bianca Marie Alonso
  108. Paula Alonso says: ‘Save it for our children! :)’
  109. Rocel Zamora says: ‘no more excuses…’
  110. Privacy Requested says: ‘There is still time to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, if we take strong action now’
  111. Noble Aims Welfare Association
  112. Rafaela Perez
  113. Mek Yambao
  114. Erick Dela Cruz says: ‘lets help mother nature!’
  115. Aliza Mae Alibusa

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DAKILA (nobility) - Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism is a group of artists, students and individuals committed to advocating social consciousness formation through the arts.

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