The Campaign

Tck Tck Tck is an unprecedented global alliance of non-government organizations, trade unions, faith groups and people like you—all calling for an ambitious, fair and binding climate change agreement.

This global alliance has come together to ensure a fair, ambitious, and binding agreement from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, a meeting of world governments in Copenhagen, Denmark. On December 7-18, representatives of 192 nations will meet in Copenhagen, Denmark for the United Nations Conference of the Parties. The meeting is expected to draft and ratify a new treaty to replace the Kyoto Protocol, which is due to expire in 2012. The outcome of these talks will determine the future of our planet.

To raise awareness of the importance of this historic meeting—and spell out the kind of treaty the group needs to create—the Tck Tck Tck campaign is uniting the voices of millions across the globe. Our ultimate goal: a fair, ambitious and binding international agreement that reflects the latest science on climate change.

Tck Tck Tck is intended to signal that “time is running out.” The science is clear that if we do not act immediately to drastically reduce the emissions that cause global warming, then we will condemn hundreds of millions of people to a life of misery, homelessness, or worse. Copenhagen stands as our single greatest opportunity to reverse climate change. Reaching agreement on a strong deal in Copenhagen is urgent; the impacts of climate change are already being felt around the world. There is still time to build a greener, safer world but the clock is ticking. We can do it, and we must do it.

For Asia and the Philippines, the Tck Tck Tck branding was localized into Tik Tok Tik Tok to appeal to the region’s culture and language. Essentially, Tik Tok Tik Tok carries the same message as the international campaign calling for climate action.

The Tik Tok campaign in the Philippines is being supported by Oxfam GB in the Philippines and Dakila – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism. Together with other NGOs, Oxfam and Dakila are proud advocates of this campaign.

About Dakila

DAKILA (nobility) - Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism is a group of artists, students and individuals committed to advocating social consciousness formation through the arts.

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