Hasik: Advocacy Filmmaking Seminar

Hasik is a platform to spread the power that films possess in shaping the consciousness of its audience. Hasik seeks to empower the new generation of filmmakers into creating films that inspire positive change from its public. Hasik will challenge new filmmakers to dare to spark change through cinema and to empower its audience towards social involvement.

This advocacy cinema lecture and workshop sessions shall provide an opportunity to 150 young film makers and students to be mentored by the film industry’s most brilliant and respected personalities. Three batches of 50 participants each from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao will be selected to pioneer the Hasik: Advocacy Cinema Learning Sessions.

The Hasik Advocacy Filmmaking Program is a two day intensive learning session that involves 1) discussion of the power of cinema and its role in society; 2) knowledge sharing on the role of the youth and media in promoting human rights; 3) enhancement of skills on advocacy filmmaking and 4) workshops and exercises that may be of use on the production of human rights themed films.


1. The HASIK Advocacy Filmmaking Program is open to all aspiring, new filmmakers and students aged 15 to 35 years old.

2. The HASIK Program shall select 50 participants each from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. A two day learning session on advocacy filmmaking will be held in each area.

3. The learning session is free for all selected participants. A scholarship agreement will be signed by the participants before the start of the learning sessions.

4. Meals and accommodations during the two day learning sessions will be covered by the scholarship grant however participants are expected to cover any travel expenses or incidental expenses during the length of the whole program.

5. Participants are required to attend every session, accomplish the tasks and responsibilities given and work with the session group assigned to him or her.

6. The organizers have the right to accept or decline applications without further explanation. The organizers also reserves the right to make changes in schedules, rules, content, speakers, guidelines as deemed necessary without further notice.

7. All selected participants will be informed formally either by phone or by mail. Guidelines and schedules for the HASIK Learning Sessions shall also be sent to qualified applicants. Minors are required to submit a duly signed Parents’ consent letter allowing his/her child to participate in the sessions.

8. HASIK seeks participants who are:

a. passionate about film making and advocacy work

b. willing to undergo the two day learning sessions

c. dedicated to social consciousness formation and wants to inspire advocacy involvement

d. flexible, innovative, open minded and works well with others

e. highly motivated and committed to accomplish a short advocacy film after the Hasik Learning Session

9. All interested applicants must submit the following requirements:

a. A duly accomplished application form and questionnaire

b. One 2×2 ID picture (in jpeg format)

c. A sample portfolio (optional)

Deadline of applications is on August 15, 2010. Applications may be sent through direct mail at the Dakila Office at Unit 3A, VS1 Building, 34 Kalayaan Avenue, Barangay Malaya, Quezon City or through e-mail at activevista2010@gmail.com

Application forms may be downloaded here: HASIK Application Form. For more information, you may contact (02) 4354309 or 09054292539.

* Participants with a video camera is an advantage but not a requirement.

September 4-5 Mindanao: Davao City
September 11-12 Visayas: Bacolod City
September 18-19 Luzon

Deadline of Submission of Application Forms: 15 August 2010

Fill up the Hasik Application Form


About Dakila

DAKILA (nobility) - Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism is a group of artists, students and individuals committed to advocating social consciousness formation through the arts.

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