Aquino gov’t scored for poor crisis management

By RG Cruz, ABS-CBN News
Posted at 08/24/2010 11:43 PM | Updated as of 08/25/2010 12:49 AM

MANILA, Philippines – At least 2 lawmakers have blamed the government for its mishandling of the Manila hostage crisis which killed 8 Hong Kong tourists.

House Deputy Speaker Jesus Crispin Remulla  (7th District, Cavite) condemned as a “lack of crisis management instincts” the government’s handling of the crisis situation.

Remulla singled out how the government failed to manage media coverage of the incident as an example.

Remulla threw the Poynter’s Institute rule book on crisis coverages to the government, which, he said, should have been able to talk to the media on how to cover the crisis in accordance with the rule book.

“This isn’t a blame game. The problem is government didn’t do that. Government should be aware of this matter so they can also talk to the media about it. Maybe they were watching too much TV and they didn’t realize that if they could see it on TV, the guman could see it on TV.”



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