Active Vista Film Festival, UP Diliman, December 6 – 10, 2010 University of the Philippines Film Center

University of the Philippines Film Center

December 6, 2010, Monday
4:30pm Opening Ceremonies
5:30pm Active Vista Film Festival Screening
Sponsored by Commission on Human Rights

December 7, 2010, Tuesday
4:30pm Active Vista Short Films
The Irony of Apo Island by Hannah Pa-a. Florence Sanos. Hyacinth Ann Santos/ Faculty by Jerrold Tarog/ Wasteland by Ellen Ramos/ Di Ako Makatulog Kapag Wala Ka Sa Tabi Koby Jade Castro/ Hingalo by Ana Matutina/ D’ More, D’ Meniyer by Erik Matti/ Hanapbuhayby Henry Frejas/ Ganito Tayo Ngayon, Paano Tayo Bukas? by Jeffrey Jeturian/ Ang Telenobela ni Juan at Luzviminda by Emerson Reyes/ Ayos Ka by Brillante Mendoza
Sponsored by the Department of Local and Interior Government
6:30pm Active Vista Film Festival: The Thank You Girls by Charliebebs Gohetia

December 8, 2010, Wednesday
4:30pm Active Vista Film Festival: Last Supper No. 3 by Veronica Velasco
Sponsored by the Supreme Court of the Philippines
6:30pm Active Vista Film Festival: Endo by Jade Castro
Sponsored by the Partido ng Manggagawa

December 9, 2010, Thursday
4:30pm Active Vista Film Festival: Jay by Francis Xavier Passion
Sponsored by the Civil Service Commision
6:30pm Active Vista Film Festival: Senior Year by Jerrold Tarog
Special Advance Screening

December 10, 2010, Friday
4:30pm Active Vista Film Festival Public Viewing: ALAB Short Films
UP Film Center Videotheque
6:30pm SaluSalo
7:00pm Closing Ceremonies
Active Vista Film Festival Awards Night
Featuring: Joey Ayala and Bagong Lumad, Kalayo Band, Bayang Barrios, Cooky Chua and Radio Active Sago Project

For more info, contact 09054292539, 4354309

The Active Vista Film Festival is organized by DAKILA – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism.


The Active Vista Film Festival is an avenue to promote a vision of society that respects, upholds and values the dignity, rights and freedom of its people.


The Active Vista Film Festival challenges to define a spectrum in the use of cinema as a powerful tool in shaping the consciousness of a new generation into the importance of knowing and understanding human rights as an integral foundation of responsible citizenship and nation building.


Active Vista encourages critical thinking and dynamism in views as fundamental requirements in addressing methods and directions of social transformation. It allows an opportunity to debate, discuss and shape society as we arrive at a collective understanding of human rights as the backbone of the development of our nation.


While Active Vista recognizes that no film, no song, no painting, no novel or no poem has ever stopped a tank, prevented a bullet, fed a hungry child or overthrown a corrupt government, the power of every art form cannot be rivaled. While art may not change the world, it can change the way we view the world. True revolution begins in the imagination.


The Active Vista Film Festival is not your ordinary film festival. It presents a dynamic vision that empowers its public towards relevant social change.




View the full screening schedule here.


Active Vista will travel to 17 different cities nationwide:


  1. Baguio
  2. Pampanga
  3. Laguna
  4. Batangas
  5. Puerto Princesa
  6. Naga
  7. Legaspi
  8. Bacolod
  9. Iloilo
  10. Cebu
  11. Dumaguete
  12. Zamboanga
  13. Cagayan de Oro
  14. Iligan
  15. Davao
  16. General Santos
  17. Metro Manila


It will open in Metro Manila on July 20 at the Shangri-La Mall and end with the awarding and screening of the Ten Best Short Films on December 10 – International Human Rights Day.


For the whole leg of the festival, every film screening will be followed by discussions where the audience may engage in a free exchange of ideas with artists, filmmakers, educators and social activists.





About Dakila

DAKILA (nobility) - Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism is a group of artists, students and individuals committed to advocating social consciousness formation through the arts.

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