Ang Mabuhay Nang Dahil Sa Iyo

On December 30, 1896, Dr. Jose Rizal was executed at Luneta, death not letting him see the freedom of his country which he long sought and fought for. Two years after his death, 113 years today, Emilio Aguinaldo waved the Philippine flag in Kawit, Cavite, a sign of the newly gained independence that the Philippines has achieved; a triumph for all those who died fighting for the freedom of the country, those whom we consider heroes – Andres Bonifacio, Diego Silang, Gabriela Silang, to name a few.

And though we’ve come past the era where we have to fight flesh and blood to gain independence, we now face a more difficult situation where the enemy is not so much other nations as ourselves.  There is now a call for modern day heroes – something quite difficult to become in a time when people have become apathetic, when people have chosen to do nothing despite the obvious need to do otherwise.

But we, Dakila – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism, believe that each and every Filipino has an inner hero waiting to be unleashed; that nobility begins in the mind and ends in action; and that evil prospers where good men do nothing. The challenge today is not to die for the Philippines but to live for it – because it is in living where we can act and do something to make the country a better place for each Filipino to live in. Today, where the country is faced with challenges, where every little act of courage and selflessness counts, it is no longer “ang mamatay nang dahil sa’yo” but “ang mabuhay nang dahil sa’yo.”

We, in Dakila, also believe that one of the battles we should live and fight for is the battle to uphold human dignity – something we can only do if we defend human rights; that Filipinos will only be able to live well and with dignity if some bills are passed into law; that laws aid the government in ensuring that each Filipino enjoys his/her human rights. With this, the organization campaigns for Give Me 5! – the passage of five bills into law that will uplift the dignity of the nation.

Why the Give Me 5! campaign? The act of giving a high five signifies happiness, success, triumph, and excitement. It is encouraging and optimistic. One never gives a high five when one has failed. We believe that with the ratification of these five bills, it is the Filipino people who will triumph. Dakila deems these five bills necessary for every Filipino to live the “dakila” way of life.

Having said all these, Dakila calls for the passage of the following 5 bills into law:

1. People’s Survival Fund (PSF) Bill

The People’s Survival Fund Bill seeks to establish a long-term fund dedicated to adaptation measures of local governments and communities to climate change. Dakila, in partnership with Oxfam International, has been campaigning against climate change through TikTok Pilipinas and for the passage of the PSF Bill through the Depensa campaign.

The Philippines is a country vulnerable to the effects of climate change. In 2009 we saw how typhoon Ondoy devastated the country, destroying many homes and taking many lives. Dakila believes that the government should be able to defend and protect its people and that the country should be prepared to face these kinds of disasters brought about by calamities, especially now that climate change aggravates the situation.

2. Reproductive Health Bill

Dakila upholds the dignity of life by supporting the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill which ensures that every woman be given reproductive health care; that everyone be given the right to sexual education; that every couple be given choices on how to plan their families. Dakila believes that with the passage of the said bill, there will be a reduction in maternal deaths, unwanted pregnancies, abortion rates, and transmittal of sexually transmitted diseases.

3. Freedom of Information Bill

The Freedom of Information Bill, once ratified, will give the public access to information being held by government offices. Government positions have long been used and abused by politicians, mostly by stealing money from the Filipino people. Dakila believes that there should be transparency in all transactions made by the government and its employees to make sure that every centavo is not being used for personal gain. It is the right of every citizen of this country to be lead by upright leaders and to know if their leaders have treated them with integrity.

4. Security of Tenure Bill

Every Filipino should have the right to a secure job; it is one of the basic human rights every person is entitled to and the Security of Tenure Bill ensures just that. A lot of Filipinos are merely contractual employees which translate to lower wages, lack of benefits, and an unsecure future. Dakila fights for the right of every Filipino to a secure future with the regularization of jobs for one cannot live with dignity without a stable job. Dakila believes that the government should protect every Filipino from abusive employers who are only concerned with their profits than with the life of their employees.

5. Anti Naming of Government Projects Bill

Projects by government officials have served as advertisements, with officials’ faces and/or names sprawled all over. We all know that projects are not funded by them personally but by every Filipino who pays his/her dues to the country. Dakila believes that naming of government projects is a form of deceit – making the public believe that they owe gratitude for these projects when, as public servants, it is every official’s obligation to implement these services. The Anti Naming of Government Projects Bill will give credit where credit is due – not to officials, but to the public.

Dakila is pushing for these five bills to be ratified the soonest time possible as these are crucial in uplifting the dignity of the nation. Let us not wait for another century or even another decade to make every Filipino realize his/her human rights. We not only call our law makers to pass these bills, we challenge each and every citizen of this country to act and be advocates of a better Philippines. Give Me 5 now!

Over a century has passed since our heroes died and fought for the freedom of our country. Their generation called for them to give their lives through bloodshed, our generation is now being called to give our lives by living courageously and selflessly. We in Dakila recognize all those who have sacrificed their lives in the past so that our freedom and the nobility of the race may live on. Let us honor them by treading the same path. Let us make our children and grandchildren pride us of being their ancestors – by becoming heroes of our generation.


About Dakila

DAKILA (nobility) - Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism is a group of artists, students and individuals committed to advocating social consciousness formation through the arts.

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