The Week of Action Against Gun Violence: Demand a Bulletproof Arms Trade Treaty

June 13, 2011

Control Arms is joining forces with organisations around the world in the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence June 13-19th. Activities are taking place in more than 100 countries.  You can take part by helping to push for stronger regulation of the global arms trade by writing to your Government and raising awareness about the impact of the arms trade to your followers on social media.

Write a letter:

In July all countries are meeting at the UN to continue to negotiate the global arms trade treaty. The subject is how to make it operational. You can read Control Arms’ position here. We have also prepared a draft letter for you to send to the Foreign Minister of your country. E-mail us and we’ll get you all you need.

Spread The Word:

In order to help get the arms trade treaty that we need, we need to make more people aware of the reasons why it’s important. Below are a few suggested tweets and facebook updates that you can share with your friends and followers and help raise awareness:

Armed violence kills 740,000+ people yearly; but for every 1 killed, 10 more are injured. Bulletproof #armstreaty now

2 bullets are produced each year for every woman, man, and child on the planet. Join #controlarms now #armstreaty

In Burundi, a grenade costs the same as a beer. WATCH the deadly impact of the uncontrolled arms trade #armstreaty

#IANSAWeekofAction – Watch and Share photos from events taking place globally to campaign against #gunviolence


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