CLEAR Advocacy


Cebu Labor Education Advocacy and Research Center (CLEAR)

CLEAR Bldg., SDC Compd., P. Burgos St., Centro Mandaue City

TEL. /FAX: (032) 420-8884 Email:




In 2000, CLEAR  decided  to use other action strategies in building  transformative communities where people can have rightful access to their basic needs, CLEAR, engages local government units (LGUs) on participatory governance.  Its showcase is Mandaue City, a highly urbanized city that sits right in the belly of Metro Cebu. Mandaue is one among the twelve prime cities nationwide chosen by the United Nations Millennium Development Declaration (a.k.a Millennium Development Goals)  which sets goals and targets for human development.  Of the eight goals identified, one is to “end poverty and hunger”.  The Millennium Development Goals have provided countries all over the world the blueprint for their development agenda and direction.




In the light of the challenges to build the  urban poor capacity to demand from  government to a fair, timely ,adequate and efficient delivery of basic services such as socialized housing  much still has to be done. More than seven thousand (7,000) households are believed living in informal settlements and most are dwelling  in makeshift  and located in danger zone areas. Mandaue City is hosts to over 10,000 industrial and commercial locators, making it the “ little rich city” in the country. But despite being an economic driver of the province growth, the city is still faced with homelessness and low-income issues, if not mass unemployment, among others..


CLEAR has been in community-based  organizing to further its  advocacies. It is continuously empowering communities of   working people in resolving their issues on threats of demolition or eviction, perennial lack of  income, low wages,  job security  and poor  basic services. Several worker unions and dozen of poor community organizations assisted by CLEAR fought hard but  later succumbed to legal cases and tenurial issues. Their legitimate rights and just causes  terribly lost.




With the sustainability issue largely taking place  integrated livelihood  program  with those in the lower income bracket  assumed increasing importance as one of the  means to ensure economic survival  while stressing the development of skills and human capital. Notwithstanding,  they are the big  losers during times of crisis and natural calamities.


The challenge for sustainable human development  remains daunting and steadfast..  To respond effectively to the emerging needs of  addressing   urban poverty issues, CLEAR,  finally come-up with these livelihood projects  for funding  by the Department of  Labor and Employment 7 agency’s DOLE Integrated Livelihood Program(DILP).




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