SAC Bacolod Legal Desk

The DSAC provides legal assistance to victims of injustices like ejections, agrarian disputes, labor problems, human rights violation and other cases wherein the victims involved cannot afford the services of the lawyer. Among those who generously responded to the call of SAC to help in its legal desk is volunteer lawyer Atty. Francisco Cruz, who handled the center’s legal cases for free since1969. He continued to give free legal advice and drafts affidavits, documents and motions, among others until the present. He ceased to appear before the courts when a few years back, he incurred the ire of the Supreme Court for daring to raise questions on its decision of a case, and was consequently, suspended. Another lawyer who volunteered her services for free is Atty. Sarah Villamor,

Strengthening the SAC’s legal aid desk is the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between the Diocese and the Integrated Bar of the Philippines – Negros Chapter in 2009. The MOA was for IBP N to provide legal advice and prepare affidavits for the poor clients of the diocese.

The SAC also tries to mediate most dialogues between conflicting parties in the hope of settling cases out of court.


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