What Dakila is Doing is Dakila

The Philippine Revolution of 1896 was planned under cover darkness, secretly discussed inside a dark cave.  Far from the prying eyes of their Spanish colonizers, Bonifacio and his few good men    vowed   free the motherland.  Their bolos glistened while its blades reflected the flames from their torches.

Fast forward now.   Place: Marco Polo Hotel, Cebu. Date: June 30, 2011. Time: 4: 20PM. We are actually planning another revolution. But this time, not in secret but in the open, in public, and inside a 5 – star hotel where were are served coffee and pansit. Now we  have mouse gadgets  instead of  bolos ; we have laptops  instead of  torches.

The conspirator of this revolution: DAKILA, a forerunner  of digital activism in the Philippines,  advocating societal change by using digital technology. I am with 30 + other  attendees representing different NGOs and foundations. Sponsored by USAID and the Asia Foundation, this seminar on Digital Activism, Training for Human Rights Advocacy, will teach modern day revolutionaries (battling different social evils) how to use  digital mediums  in  strengthening their respective  advocacies online.

What Dakila is doing – training us to become digital activists – is dakila.


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