No to Frat Violence!

KAISA is among over 20 student fraternities, sororities, and organizations who will join SANLAKAS Youth UP Diliman as they hold a candle lighting program in memory of Alex Icasiano, and all other victims of fraternity-related violence.

Alexander Miguel Icasiano was a model student – a BA Public Administration student running for cum laude.  A leader by heart and soul – a former Chairperson of the NCPAG Student Government and a former Chairperson of Sanlakas Youth UP Diliman. An ambitious young man with overflowing potentials who dreamed of becoming a lawyer and eventually a leader of this country. But everything was cut short when, one fateful night in August 1998, he was rushed to the hospital, dead on arrival. He perished after an “initiation process”, a rigorous series of activities serving as a  prerequisite and testing ground to become a full-fledged brother. His life fading in the hands of members of the fraternity he believed will help him reach his dreams. Alex was just one of the many victims of a vicious cycle of Fraternity Related Violence in UP.

Reactions and responses of the UP community to these dreadful events occurred in different intensities and dynamics. Some crumbled in fear with the idea of brutal death, some petrified in shock, and some grew motionless in the capsule of mourning and condolence. Family and relatives of victims still in disbelief, neglecting the surge of hate, anger, sadness, fright, pain mixing all in as they forcefully absorb the lost.

More importantly the University and the UP community poured out efforts to convict people found responsible of these deaths. Members from the fraternity that were proved responsible and involved for the death of Alex were convicted upon voluntarily surrendering to authorities. They served their sentences in jail.

Greek societies now move forward, though crippled, stained and mourning over lost brothers, bringing lessons from these dreadful events as a constant reminder of the path they should take to become the better men they deem to become, the better brotherhood they aim to become. That is the road free of violence.

WE NOW CALL FOR A REVOLUTION WITHIN THE FRATERNITY SYSTEM. We challenge all enlightened and progressive fratmen to take power in their respective fraternities and reorient them. Work together across organizational lines, dismantle this corrupt, violent system and replace it with a peaceful, principled alternative.

Sanlakas Youth UP Diliman is one with the whole UP community in condemning Fraternity Related Violence in all forms. It is only but time to put an end to this seemingly never-ending culture of violence. Every year, Sanlakas Youth  UP Diliman commemorates Alex and other victims of Fraternity Related Violence in the University, gathering members of all Fraternities, Sororities and Organizations to unite with our struggle against this form of violence through a candle lighting event.

Join us in solidarity towards a peaceful, harmonious, and free academic community.


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About sergdomasian

KAISA is a progressive political party and dynamic student formation that envisions itself as an agent of social change through competent student leadership, proactive political action and effective social involvement.

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